Authors’ note

We’re thrilled that you’ve encountered our book! There are numerous Christian apologetics books, many of which have been instrumental in our own faith. Given our scientific and personal backgrounds, we both have a strong hesitancy to jump into anything with blind faith, especially in something as potentially life-changing as religion. Still, we are both open to examining and accepting good arguments and believe that apologetics plays a vital role in Christian thinking.

However, we believe that our book is unique in this genre in that we have created an apologetic for a personal God through a conversational approach. For example, while we may more readily accept the fact that God created the universe, we spend much more time considering what that has to do with us and how it should affect our lives. We do this while leaving our “lab coats” on, as we believe that there should be a rational basis behind our daily lives, even in the realm of faith.

Thank you for considering our book. If you are a question asker and deep thinker, we sincerely believe that you will enjoy our conversation.