About the book

What began as a friendly email conversation between a student and professor quickly turned into a discussion of Everything Important. Over the course of more than three years, Victoria, a PhD chemistry student, and Steve, a physics professor, hashed out their beliefs in God and accidentally wrote a book.

Neither author comes naturally to faith, as their scientific training and worldview make belief without empirical evidence difficult. Thus, much of the book is a dialogue about the rationality of belief and how one could put trust in the unseen. No stone is left unturned in areas of Christian theology, science, sociology, and philosophy. Once a solid theistic foundation is established, Victoria and Steve then study the words and actions of Jesus in the Gospel of John to determine whether he is who he said he is.

Wherever you are on your journey of faith—from disbelief to curiosity to devotion to evangelism—this book will require you to wrestle with humanity’s biggest questions and hopefully provide meaningful answers for yourself and others.

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